Petit moment de provoc' réalisé lors d'un exposé à faire sur "la personnalité de notre choix" en anglais à la fac :

Today, I will introduce you to a contempory philosopher, a French one : Michel Onfray.

Since his first publication, in 1989, he published more than 55 books, with an average rate of 4 books per years since 2006, which is a very spectacular rate of writing for a thinker.

He is famous for his Université Populaire, which is "popular" because tuition are free and is an "university" because we can attend Michel Onfray's "Contre-Histoire de la Philosophie" recitations.
The purpose of this "Contre-Histoire de la Philosophie" is to say that there's not just one history of philosophy bein the only truth on philosophy, but many point of view on the history of philosophy, which is a very practical way to sell many books.

In fact, this "Contre-Histoire de la Philosophie" seems to be a merely distorted repetition of Nietzsche attacking all the traditionnal philosophy, especially the metaphysical, platonical and judeo-christian philosophical tradition.

Once again, Onfray exploites this way in order to sell many books revolutionnize philosophy, like his famous "Atheist Manifesto" wherein he just try to copy Nietzsche's "Antéchrist".
He also defends what he calls "hedonism" in reference to Epicure, but if we know Epicure's theories we can only say that Onfray understands Epicure as well as children in "Dead Poets Society" yelling "Carpe Diem" like it was "Nevermind, The Bollocks ! "

Does it means that Onfray interprets Johnny Rothen like the new Epicure ? We can't say, but he thinks Nietzsche is a socialist and an atheist, despites the well know "God is dead" paragraph, in which Nietzsche describes an atheist with a very sarcastic tone. He also thinks Kant's "Critique of Practical Reason" leads to Eichmann's "Final Solution" and nowadays, says that Freud was a friend of Mussolini who just thinks about money and making sex with his whole family.

So, why not ? Maybe the Onfray's point of view is the good one, and the history of philosophy begins with "God is all", continues with "God is dead", and finish with "God saves the Queen".


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